Moon and Stars

I often looked to the sky for the answers to all my problems.  The sky – the moon, the stars and even the sun – were the few things constant in my life.  My mom and I had always had a rocky relationship and the day I went to college was the day it ended.  When I moved into the dorms and out of our apartment, I hadn’t realized our lease had been about to expire.   

My mom told me a few weeks before she had renewed the lease so I didn’t think any more about it.  Two weeks later, I got a call from the landlord about picking up the remaining furniture.  If it stayed much longer, he was going to donate whatever was left.  When I dialed my mom’s phone number, the only answer I got an automated message telling me her number was no longer in service. 

“Maybe she just forgot to pay the bill this month,” I said out loud, all the time knowing it was the only bill she wouldn’t forget.  When I finally made it out of class, I frantically drove the hour home wondering what I would find. 

The landlord laid it all out for me when my key wouldn’t work in the lock on our apartment.  My mother had moved out two days after I did and had left no forwarding address or phone number.  Just disappeared from my life.  Sadly, I had never been so happy to get someone out of my life. 


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