“I’ll be back shortly,” Mr. Jones said as he walked out the classroom door.  The entire class watched as our History teacher walked out of the classroom.  No reason, no explanation, just walked out into the hallway of our tiny high school.  Even with lockers lining the hallway, the walls were still paper thin. 

“What is happening?” Lisa whispered loud enough for the entire class to hear.  The wailing from the hallway started as a low hum and quickly increased in volume.  When the wailing seemed to become more hysterical, Jessica jumped out of her seat and hit the call office button. 

“Mr. Jones needs help!  Quickly,” she said as soon as Ms. Loftis answered.  “He’s getting hysterical.  Like something serious has happened, but we don’t know what.” 

Shortly after Jessica sat back down into her assigned seat, we all heard the scuffle in the hall.  Five minutes later, Mr. Jones walked back into the room, sporting a black eye, but otherwise acting like nothing had happened.  As we waited for Mr. Jones to explain, he turned back to the class and shrugged his shoulders. 

“Let’s get back to the lesson please,” he said straightening the papers on his desk.  Halfway through his next sentence, the principal and school security officer walked in. 

“Mr. Jones, time to go,” the principal took his arm and led him toward the door.  As he opened the door, Mr. Jones started wailing again.  This time we knew what he was saying.  Lisa. 


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