Vacation Shock

I saw Tim’s leg start to twitch thirty minutes into the meeting.  I knew it was a struggle for him to even be at work today and the fact our meeting was  over information that could have been covered in an email was not helping.  We all knew Tim was hurting and we were all wondering why our boss was so adamant he come back to work for another useless meeting. 

I snapped back to attention when Jeff started talking about having to downsize.  As we were a small company already, downsizing was a big deal.  Downsizing meant most of the company would be let go.  Tim had just lost his entire family so I was hoping he was not about to lose his job as well.  Why would he have been called to the meeting if he wasn’t being fired?   

“Well, here’s how things are going to go,” our boss said, wringing his hands.  I could tell he was nervous already and I can’t say I felt bad for him.  All he had done the entire four years of working for him was to make my life miserable.  I had only stayed as long as I had because the health benefits and vacation days provided.  I had big vacation dreams and plans. 

Five minutes later, the meeting was adjourned and Tim and Jeff silently left the rest of us staring at each other in shock.  Jeff had sold the business to Tim.  Tim promptly fired everyone but Jeff. 


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