Any Amount of Crazy

“Didn’t we expect for that to happen?”  Leah said as we watched the police take Ada to the cruiser in handcuffs.  Ada was still struggling and yelling over her shoulder at Jackson. 

I stared and took another long drink of my wine.  I felt bad for Ada, I really did, but I had just witnessed the most outrageous amount of crazy I had ever seen.  I almost didn’t know what to say. 

“Well, yes, but somehow I don’t think Jackson was ready for it,” I said when the police car finally pulled out of the driveway.  Leah and I turned back toward the house and I let her ramble on about what we had just witnessed.  I almost smiled to myself as she recounted the fact Ada had pointed straight at me while she was screaming at Jackson. 

“I just couldn’t believe she had the gall to bring you into it.  To actually point you out in front of all those people.” 

What Leah didn’t know was the fact I had everything to do with Jackson and Ada breaking up.  Ada had thrown me under the bus when we were thirteen and it was my turn to return the favor.  Only this one cut deep as she and Jackson had been married for almost five years.  And I was married.  To Leah’s brother.  What they never found out would never hurt them.  And if my husband found out, I knew he would forgive me.  At least, I hoped he would. 


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