Star-Crossed Lovers

“I always dreamed of being a star-crossed lover,” Hannah said as she got into the bunk bed above mine. 

“Star-crossed lovers never stay together.  Something always comes between star-crossed lovers.  Like Romeo and Juliet.”  I yawned as I turned onto my back.  Hannah was a huge fan of staying awake as long as she could for as many nights as she could.  She said summer camp wasn’t summer camp if you got enough sleep.  I just wish I shared her same views as we always stayed in the same cabin. 

“But we could be star-crossed and fight for each other.  It would be so romantic,” Hannah sighed.  Every summer Hannah and I spent the entire two months at camp and Hannah was always on the look out for her next boyfriend.  Her summer love.  The one would sweep her off her feet, never have to return. 

Hannah usually settled on her summer love within the first few days of camp, but this year things had gone a bit differently.  Hannah’s eyes and attention had quickly been drawn to Derek.  Derek was the All-American boy with brown hair and brown eyes and still managed to be humble besides the fact he was lean, gorgeous and manners to boot.  He was also a counselor and director’s son.  And definitely off limits judging by the way Audrey hovered. 

Audrey was the one counselor we always avoided, but this summer I would have to wait and find out whose cat fighting abilities were stronger. 


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