After Life

“Why are you up so early?”  I whispered to Jake the morning that would change the course of my life.  I just didn’t know it yet.  Instead of answering, Jake just shook his head and took his cereal bowl to the sink.  I knew he didn’t like to talk in the mornings, which was why I was hoping he would respond to my whispering. 

This morning he wasn’t having any of it this morning so instead I watched him move methodically around the kitchen.  Jake didn’t even fully turn to look at me as he exited the kitchen and started to get ready for school.  He glanced in my direction sadly as if he was regretting still not responding.  I sat in the same spot for every meal and even when I did my homework every afternoon. 

It was the only spot where I could see out all the windows in the house in hopes deer would come out of the woods.  The animals and the forests were the only reasons I ever enjoyed living in this old farmhouse.  Otherwise it was and would always be fairly lonely.  I missed my friends and I missed listening to cars honking and people laughing.  When Jake told everyone in the house goodbye except me, I knew one day I would have to accept the fact I would always be invisible to them and would hover until I knew they were safe.  I just needed them to understand my death wasn’t an accident. 


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