Suitably Warm

“I don’t think I know what ‘suitably warm’ means.  Like it is kind of warm, but not lukewarm?  Not freezing cold?  I don’t get it,” I listened to Chris mumble about our breakfast as I tried to park the truck. 

I had been listening to him mumble and grumble about food now for four days.  I had no more patience for his obsession with how hot or cold food was.  At the moment, I was just trying to keep both of us with enough food and energy to keep going.  The two of us had been on our own for two weeks and I was trying to sort out how we were going to survive.  Much less thrive. 

I didn’t want to quit school nor did I want Chris and I to live anywhere but on our own.  In our own house.  Our mom had been on the road for almost two entire weeks and I didn’t ration the food as well as I usually did so we were cutting it close.  The last time mom left us for two weeks was during the school year and I know our teachers had been getting suspicious.  Now that it was summer, there wasn’t anyone hovering to make sure our clothes were clean and making sure we were eating. 

Now as I pulled in front of the barn, I froze.  Rob was back.  I had never been so happy to see someone.  Chris, on the other hand, was livid.  And rightly so. 


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