What They Don’t Know

“They don’t know any more?  How can they not know any more?  What have they been doing for the last week? ” 

“Linda has only been missing -” Mary started. 

“A week!  She’s been missing for a week!  What do you think is going on?  Something has happened and the police haven’t done anything since Tuesday.”  I interrupted Mary with my shouting.  I couldn’t believe both the police and Mary seemed so nonchalant about the fact Linda was missing.  Linda had never been gone for more than a single night in all the years she had been living with us.  

“If you would let me finish.  I would tell you what’s going on.”  Mary calmly turned toward me and stared. 

I had to force myself to take a deep breath and let Mary talk.  I could feel my entire body getting hot and I knew my face was probably turning red.  I had been getting irritated with Mary so often recently, I knew exactly what was going to happen and how I was going to react.  Why I had ever involved her in this process was beyond me.  

“Linda is not missing.  She ran away and is in a safe place.  Linda was running away from you.” 

In that instant, I knew she was lying.  Linda would never run away from me.  I was the only one who kept her safe and fed.  I may have slipped a few drugs into her food, but it was for her own good. 


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