“We were never here,” Savannah said as we quickly exited through the back door of Tyler’s house.  I let the door slam as the sirens got closer. 

“Who called the police?”  I asked as we ran toward the alley. 

“Let’s just get away first.  If I get arrested, I’m headed straight back to juvie.  I sure as hell won’t go back for something that isn’t my fault and I had nothing to do with.  We never should have come.”  When Savannah looked over her shoulder, I saw a hint of panic in her eyes. 

As we neared the end of the alley, we slowed to a walk.  I took several deep breaths to try and slow my heart before we stepped out onto the sidewalk.  I knew all five of us would be in serious trouble if we were caught or even suspected of being at Jonah’s house. 

Steve had told us it was only supposed to be a prank.  We were only supposed to be toilet papering his trees and now we were running away from a large fire.  I don’t know how or when the fire started, but I wanted no part of it.  I had never liked Steve and if it came down to him or me, I would choose myself every time.  Little did I know, Steve beat me to the punch and set my own house on fire too.  Now the cops would be looking into the history I had tried so hard to bury. 


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