I always knew the fireplace would be a problem.  Jake obsessed with fire and he hated to clean.  Or at least said he always ‘forgot’ to clean.  I was left with making sure the chimney was clean and nothing easily ignitable was within a few feet of the fire. 

The night I came home with the firetrucks filling my front yard, I already had a good idea of what had happened and I wasn’t surprised.  Jake’s past had finally caught up with him, but at least the police would never know about the accelerant I had left in the chimney. 

This is a Friday Fictioneers post and more can be found here.


6 responses to “Acceleration”

  1. Wow. I felt sorry for her right up until the end! And she may be surprised. when the fire inspectors take a look up the chimney. It’s amazing what they can learn these days.


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