Risk vs. Reward

As I drove slowly down the street, I wondered if the risks were greater than the reward.  The problem was I just wasn’t sure which one I was more interested in – the risk or the reward.  The risk was the fact I was potentially doing something illegal, but I knew the reward would be Tanner.  Probably.  All I had ever wanted in my eighteen years was Tanner.  I knew he would see me in a completely different light after tonight.  There was no way he wouldn’t. 

I turned my brights on and started to pick up speed on the country road leading to Tanner’s house.  My decision was made and I knew I was going to follow through with everything I had planned with the ultimate goal of making Tanner mine.   

I knew he ignored me because he was intimidated by me.  By my courage.  By my strength.  I knew he knew my name because how could he not after all the years we had been in the same classes from Kindergarten to senior year.  I knew he was just playing games with me.  I slowed as I cruised by his house because I knew he sat on his front porch and didn’t him to know it was me coming for him. 

I wanted to be a surprise.  I knew I wanted him and I knew he would eventually want me.  He just didn’t know it.  Yet.  But I intended to teach him.  I knew he was a quick learner. 


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