The Haunting at the Library

“I know you are not going to believe what just happened to me, but listen.  It was the weirdest thing.”  I tried to calm myself down before I talked to the rest of my coworkers. 

“Not another one of your ghost stories.  Because really.  We have heard them so many times already.”  Nate didn’t even look away from his computer screen as he replied. 

“But this time, it’s real.  The ghost was back and I know it is real.  I know that I saw it.  Please.” 

Nate, Jaren and Elizabeth kept right on researching and didn’t listen to any part of my story.  Maybe it was too much?  But I knew what I had seen.  If no one would listen to me, I would do my own research and prove them all wrong.  I knew what I had seen in the stacks and I know I was not making it up. 

The supernatural was real and it was here.  In the library.  And it – whatever or whoever – was stalking me.  That was the reason why I was the only one who was being haunted, but as far as I could tell, I didn’t know why the ghost was interested in me.  But I knew if my coworkers didn’t take the supernatural seriously, the ghost would.  If I didn’t get to my coworkers first, it could be dangerous and I didn’t know how many would have to lose their lives before finally believing in me.  It was now or never. 


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