“You’re pathetic.”  I stared at my neighbor and waited for him to turn around and realize I was there, waiting for him on the sidewalk.  I wanted to scream about what a horrendous neighbor he was, how he was running off all the good neighbors because of what a terrible person he was.  He was petty, vindictive, repulsive and all I wanted to do was let him know what I really thought of him.  But letting him know my feelings would only increase the animosity between us. 

“Cora, what can I do for you?”  I realized Dan was talking to me  That he had finally realized I was there.  That I actually had been talking to myself.  I’m glad I hadn’t actually called him pathetic out loud.  Telling him he was pathetic would only complicate m plans and my future. 

I tried to smile sweetly, but wasn’t sure if it came off as creepy or nice, but I smiled anyway.  Turns out, my creepy smile was better than my usual scowl. 

“I was hoping you could help me with a few things.  A few things concerning the HOA,” I said gently, as I handed over a pile of paperwork to him.  I knew what I was doing was awful, but couldn’t seem to help myself.  He needed to pay for his transgressions.  His sins.  I knew he wouldn’t read the paperwork.  I knew he would read the first page, blame the neighbors, only to have his own house be condemned.   


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