For the First Time

“For the first time, he asked me what I wanted for dinner instead of telling me what we were going to have.  And then this morning he made breakfast before I was even out of the shower.  I’m not sure what is happening.”  I picked up the wadded Kleenex and debated on how much more I should say.  Should I spill all the beans about Alex to Jasmine or keep a few secrets for myself? 

I wondered what Jasmine would do if she knew everything Alex had done to me.  Mentally at least.  Physically she had never hurt me, but my emotional state wasn’t nearly as healthy. 

“The fact you are crying over the fact he has done very nice things for you – is a problem. Why are you crying over him making dinner and breakfast?  What else is going on?”  Jasmine leaned back on the couch and I could tell she was trying not to get up and pace.  She was an anxious person and could never sit still. 

“Well, there are some things that have happened…” I stared at my Kleenex box,  still deciding on how much and how many secrets to tell.  When I decided what to finally to tell her the truth.  I looked back up only to find Jasmine asleep on the couch.  I sighed and knew she had went and made the decision for me.  I knew I wasn’t going to tell her anything before I even brought it up.   


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