Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories

The Meaning of Dreams

“The question brought to my attention last week after our discussion last week was this.  What is the true meaning of dreams?  Is there a true meaning?  A real meaning?  Is there a right answer?  A correct answer for all dreams?” 

I stared at my professor and felt my entire body completely tense.  He had asked my question, but I honestly hoped he would not ask for my answer.  My opinion.  The reason I had asked in an email was because I felt like the whole idea of a philosophy class was completely over my head and totally beyond anything I could or would ever understand.  I had only taken this particular class because everyone had raved about Professor Sherman. 

Everyone had talked about how he made you think outside the box and outside your comfort zone.  I didn’t think I was very good at either one.  But that was part of the reason why I was here.  The other part of the reason was his looks.  I knew I shouldn’t take a college class based on the looks of my professor, but I couldn’t contain my interest in an intelligent and good-looking professor.   

But when his eyes met mine, I quickly looked down at my desk.  I knew I would have to work harder to earn a passing grade.  My future depended on making passing grades in all of my classes, not just ones for my major.  The good news was that I knew what his extracurricular weaknesses were. 

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