Final Apocalypse

“It’s happening right now  The final apocalypse.  Prepare now.  Pray now and maybe you’ll be saved.”  I snapped back to attention as I heard the minister.  The apocalypse?  He spent a lot of time talking about crazy shit I didn’t believe in, but this was the first I had heard about any apocalypse.  

My older sister started coming to this nameless church with an ex-boyfriend and had kept coming long after they had broken up.  Her beliefs and behaviors had changed so drastically since she started attending church with Joel, I decided to join her to see what all the fuss was about.  So far, I can’t say I’ve been impressed. 

A lot of what Mr. Steve talked about on a weekly basis sounded like a bunch of bull to me.  The fact he wanted to be called Mr. Steve rubbed me the wrong way from day one.  But he was all Sheila could talk about, think about, dream about. 

Because fifteen minutes later he was still talking about this supposed apocalypse that was coming.  I watched Sheila out of the corner of my eye and saw her drinking in every single word.  What I really wondered was how much of herself had given to Mr. Steve.  Especially since it was obviously a set-up and she was only an extra in an experiment.  An experiment I knew would never go the way I thought things should go.  I think everything and everyone in the church would die a premature death. 


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