His Last Confession

“He said he was going to church to give his last confession.  I’m not sure when he last went to church or why he said this one was his last, but I assume he’ll be home by ten.”  Jessica leaned back into the couch and had yet to peel her eyes from the television. 

“Jessica, it is now almost midnight.  He is not home and is not answering his phone.  What else did he say?”  I was about to lose it on Sam and I’s roommate.  She was one of the most unreliable people I’ve ever met.  Now Sam was potentially missing and she couldn’t turn off the television long enough to tell me the last details of Sam. 

Jessica didn’t seem concerned he was missing.  I’m not sure if she would be concerned about anyone or anything unless it interrupted one of her TV shows. 

“I’m sure he’s fine.  He’s only going to give a confession, maybe stay for mass then he was going to come straight home.” 

When Jessica still didn’t look away from the television, I moved to stand directly in front of her.  That’s when I saw the problem.  Sam’s keys were sticking out of Jessica’s purse.  Like she had taken him somewhere and left him.  I knew she had never liked Sam, but this was crossing the line.  I knew he had enemies and apparently so did Jessica.  I was just beginning to wonder who she called first and how much danger he was in. 


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