The Clue

“It was a major clue.  A major red flag things would never work out between the two of us.”  I repeated my new mantra as I moved my furniture out of Sean’s apartment.  He wasn’t supposed to be home for the next few hours so I was hoping he really would stay at work until the end of his shift. 

I knew there was a chance he would blow off his shift to pick up a six pack on the way home.  I knew it was happening more often these days as the recycling bin seemed to be emptied on a more regular basis.  He never thought I noticed the small things because he never did.  He never noticed when I cleaned the house.  He never noticed when I cooked dinner or did the laundry.  He just enjoyed the space and enjoyed the fact he didn’t have to do anything. 

I noticed when a few dollars were missing from my wallet.  I noticed when he came home late with perfume on his clothes.  I noticed when the bed wasn’t made how I had left it in the morning.  I finally was taking a stand and making my move.  I was getting out of dodge and getting out of this ruined relationship. 

I just needed to get out of the house before Sean got home.  Or I would never get out of here.  I would be too numb and too scared.  Too scared to make a better life for myself. 


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