My Father’s Surprise

“Take  turns watching,” my mother whispered.  “We can’t afford to miss him.” 

My sister’s small body vibrated with anxiety as we peered out the front windows.  We could barely wait until our father got home so we could execute our plan.  If things didn’t go exactly as we had planned, the entire process would be a disaster.  Two weeks of scheming and plotting would go up in smoke.  All because of one misstep. 

“How much longer?”  My sister whispered.  Even though the three of us were the only ones in the house, I knew she wouldn’t be able to talk above a whisper.  When her nerves got the best of her, she seemed to shrink down to half her size.  Which was not big to begin with.  I was contemplating teaching her basic meditation and yoga moves to help with her nerves.  But that process would have to wait for a few more days. 

“It can’t be too much longer,” I assured her as I stared hard at my watch.  “Just a few more minutes.” 

“But what if it doesn’t work?  What if we don’t catch him in time?”  Sandy pulled her blanket over her head.  I had never known a child to be as excitable as my younger sister. 

“Here he is.  Show time.”  Sandy and I hopped off the couch and met our dad at his car.  After several complaints we were able to lead him straight to the backyard where everyone was waiting for him. 



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