The Date

“She has changed her opinion.  Twice.”  My father continued to grumble as my sister headed to her room to change her clothes again.  I looked the other way and smiled.  My sister and I were going to meet our dad’s new girlfriend for the first time since they had started dating and Haley was having a hard time deciding what she to wear. 

Since our mother had succumbed to cancer, our father had had few girlfriends.  At least few that we knew about.  We were meeting Josie tonight when she was coming over for dinner.  Dad had barely talked about any of his girlfriends so Haley and I were over the moon that she was coming for dinner.  Haley and I had been planning our outfits all week and she was now on at least outfit number five since we had been home from school. 

“She’ll  catch onto something soon,” I tried to soothe my father as he checked his watch for the upteenth time.  He continued to pace in our tiny kitchen and looked like he was about to start to sweat.  I had never seen him so worried about anything before.  He usually kept most of inside. 

“Dad,” I said, stopping him short.  “Things are going to be fine.  Please don’t worry.” 

When the doorbell rang, he nearly jumped out of his pants.  He walked stoically to the door and I about died when he opened to door to my English teacher.  Who I knew was married. 


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