In a Corner

“People just don’t disappear,” I told the police officer perched on the edge of my couch.  “I know my sister, she has never been out of contact for this long before.  Something has happened.” 

“How long has she been out of contact?” He asked looking back at his notebook.  I tried not to snap.  I had already told him at least three times that my sister had not been in touch with anyone for at least three days.  I don’t think he really believed me, but I kept pushing. 

“Three days.  She hasn’t contacted anyone in three days.  It is unusual.  Here is her phone number, my phone number and Tyler -” I paused as the front door slammed open. 

“Tyler?”  The detective stood up as Tyler charged into the living room. 

“Where is she?  Where is Amanda?”  Tyler was practically panting as he stormed in. 

“I’m Detective Turner.  What can I help you with?”  Detective Turner repositioned his body so he was standing between Tyler and me. 

“Amanda.  She’s missing.  And she is responsible.”  Tyler started forward and jabbed his finger in my direction.  I tried to hold my ground and I hoped Detective Turner didn’t notice me flinch.  I knew Amanda and I knew Tyler and I knew they wouldn’t stop until I was found out and stopped.  Until I was in jail.  It wasn’t my fault they were forcing me into filing a false police report.  They were the ones who had backed me into a corner. 


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