“She was terrified of tornadoes.  That was the only thing my mother was afraid of.”  I sat on the couch and stared at my feet.  I couldn’t believe I was even having this conversation.  Especially with the sheriff.  Everyone knew my mother was afraid of tornadoes.  She was scared of the possibility of losing her family and friends.  She was afraid to lose everything just as she had when she was eight. 

But now, for whatever reason, the sheriff was now in my living room asking about my mother.  She had left for work yesterday and had yet to come home.  The worst part was that he was making assumptions and asking questions regarding my father.  As if he could ever have had anything to do with my mother’s disappearance. 

He did anything and everything she asked and waited on her hand and foot.  She was never scared of my father, just his spirit and soul.  He had dark days here and there, but didn’t everyone?  The only way my mother knew what to do when his soul went dark was to go to church.  My father had been disillusioned with the church years before when his brother died.   

What my mother didn’t know was the only reason his dark days passed was because of the crystals.  I’ll never tell her about the crystals and I’ll never tell my father I got the crystals from the internet.  To this day, the crystals have healed everything but his belief in God. 


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