On a Mission

“She may be crazy, but she has a mission and she knows what she wants,” I said as  Jessica walked away. 

“Yes, but to what extent?  Who is she willing to hurt to get there?”  Cindy crossed her arms and tried to turn away.  But her eyes were glued on Jessica, just like mine. 

“What will we do?  She will destroy everything we’ve worked for if she succeeds.  We will be stuck in this town forever.” 

Cindy sighed and turned back to her car.  I watched Jessica until she disappeared into the cafeteria and then joined Cindy. 

“She needs to be shocked.  Shocked into taking her plans back.  I think if we talk to Jerry he can help.  Text him and have him meet us back at the house.” 

I could see the wheels turning in Cindy’s mind as we made our way back to our shared house.  Jessica was a cog in the wheel and needed to be dealt with.  She didn’t know our plan, but had managed to stumble her way directly into our path.  The thought of having to stay around Jessica one second longer was out of the question. 

When we pulled up to the house, Jerry was waiting and much to my surprise, so was Jessica.  Cindy’s mouth dropped. 

“I want in.  Sinclair hurt me too.  You weren’t the only victims.”  Jessica stood up, wiped off her hands and we all followed her into Jerry’s house. 

Sinclair was already there.  And already tied up. 


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