Closer to God

The mountains seemed to get bigger every time I closed my eyes.  The thin mountain air longed to caress my face and lungs.  I delayed in opening my eyes as I knew all I would see would be the flat dusty roads of my hometown.  

My days were spent listening to coworkers drone on about meaningless issues like where they were going out to eat, what drinks they would order, and where they were going shopping that weekend.  Not that I didn’t also enjoy a night or weekend away, but I also had more pressing concerns.  For example, I couldn’t let them know what a mess my life really was.  I was barely paying my bills or putting food on my table because all I was interested in was praying.  And church. 

How could I possibly thing about where to go for dinner or where I was going to get my next drink when there were so many prayer requests every day?  There were too many news reports and large weather changes for life to be continuing like normal.  The problems were there for me to solve and I knew I could solve everything through prayer.  After all, I knew because God spoke straight through me.  Let me show you the people healed solely by my hand.  The people healed solely by my  I’m not crazy.  I swear I’m not.  Don’t believe everything you have heard.  The mountains have brought me much closer to God, his plans and his whispers. 


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