“Just take all the backroads.  Those are the best roads to take at night.” I listened to Tyler from the back seat and tried to go back to sleep.  I didn’t want to be involved with what they were doing, but didn’t know how to crawl out of the hole I was already in. 

Tyler and Dylan both knew I was terrible at staying awake in cars.  Everyone knew I couldn’t last more than five minutes on a road trip.  I thought we were going camping, but it turned out Tyler had a different plan.  I now needed a way to get out of the car and away from the two of them without drawing too much attention to myself.  I had yet to figure out how I was going to disappear. 

I didn’t know what the two of them had done at the campgrounds, but I knew it was serious.  I was a serious light weight and always passed out after two drinks no matter what.  I learned to pace myself and didn’t start my first mixed drink until after 8 PM.  Even then I drank my first drink slowly and watched everyone else around me slowly lose themselves. 

Before I was halfway through my second drink, I was sound asleep in my sleeping bag.  Now it was four hours later, we were driving backroads and two people were missing.  Still not fully awake, I had no idea what I was responsible for.  Or what I had done. 


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