Good For

“That’s all he’s good for, really.”  I tossed the picture of Eric off to the side and started sorting the next stack.  I was ready to move on. 

“So are you really going to push him aside just like that?  After all you two have been through?”  Samantha started stacking the books in piles that didn’t make any sense, but I didn’t ask any questions.  I was just happy I didn’t have to do it all myself. 

After my grandfather’s death, my fiancée Eric had seemed to go off the rails.  Due to the fact my grandfather wasn’t nice and Eric had never met him, I was wondering if that really was the stressor.  The day after my grandfather’s death, Eric had suddenly and immediately started obsessively cleaning and organizing the house.  Not that I really minded that much, but it was a little exhausting when he lost it over one dirty sock getting left on the floor. 

“What would be the benefit of having him around?  Other than being nervous all the time?  I tried to help and look where it got us.” 

Samantha sighed and went back to sorting my grandfather’s books.  If she only knew everything I now knew about Eric, she would agree with me.  I knew now that Eric and my grandfather had actually known each other and had more in common than I had ever realized.  And as terrible as my grandfather was, I also know Eric was responsible for his death. 


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