“Please be discreet,” I though as the principal walked into the classroom.  We were in the middle of a test that I didn’t know any of the answers to so even though I was trying, my mind kept wandering. 

As I watched the principal confer with our history teacher, I knew it had to be about what happened last weekend.  It was the whole reason why I was completely unprepared for this test.  Normally, I was a great student and wrote study plans for myself, but this test was obviously a different story. 

This past weekend my parents went out of town at the last second to visit our grandparents.  As soon as they left, my brother started calling his friends over for a party.  He was a senior in high school and frequented the local frat parties so before long, the alcohol and college students started showing up.  In a small town, everyone knew what was happening.  How Jason had managed to get the entire house clean, I will never know.  By the time I had managed to pull myself out of bed, most of the trash was already gone.  I knew the principal was here for me.  And next we would be pulling my brother out of class.   

“Jack, I need you to stay here for a minute,” the principal said as the bell ring.  I was so relieved to leave class, I almost skipped all the way out.  I guess no one had found the body yet. 


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