Small Time

“That’s small-time life for you,” I told my cousin.  “Everyone knows everyone and everything.”   

“I know, but sometimes I hope people will forget to notice.  And that they won’t talk and won’t start rumors.”  Eliza had taken off her shoes and was dipping her toes into the lake. 

“I think you’d have to move to a bigger city for that to happen.  But there is still gossip and rumors going around in large cities.  Only your home will have changed.”  I took my seat next to Eliza on the dock.  I wasn’t a fan of lake water so I tried to get in as little as possible.  I usually preferred to sunbathe while everyone else went swimming.  Who knew what was lurking around in this big pool of dirty water? 

I felt Eliza sigh next to me and knew she wouldn’t talk about the summer rumors anymore.  I knew she wouldn’t talk about it since summer was almost over, she would eventually escape the summer locals who would soon be going back to the big cities they escaped from every summer.  I always had mixed feelings about everyone leaving because I liked the quiet life we lived during the school year, but loved the excitement summer brought. 

I knew the next few months would be different because I knew who started the rumors about Eliza and I knew she would find out.  I just wish I could take it all back.  At least, most of it.  I can’t regret everything.


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