“If you come this weekend, I swear it will be a party you’ll never forget,” Joe said the third time he called in the last thirty minutes. 

“Why are you desperate for me to come to this one party?  You’ve never really been into going to parties before now.”  I cradled my cell phone against my shoulder.  I stared at the clock hanging above my bedroom door.  My parents took my phone promptly at 9 PM and it was now 8:56.  There was no way they would let me go to a party that didn’t start until 10 PM. 

“Because it will be fun.  You never get to come out to parties.”  Joe stopped short.  I knew he was going to say something along the lines of I never had any fun, was definitely boring, yada yada yada.  I had heard it all before from Joe. 

“Here come my parents for my phone, I’ll talk to you at school tomorrow.” I quickly erased Joe’s last two calls from my phone and handed it to my dad as he walked in.  I knew they always checked my email and phone calls so they didn’t (hopefully) know everything about my life, but thought they did. 

I knew the party would be fun, but could I sneak out?  I laid back in bed and thought about how I could get out.  Before I got anywhere with my plans, my father stormed back in my room. 

“What the hell are these pictures?”  he demanded. 


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