Vanishing Act

“You’re the only one who hasn’t let me down,” I whispered.  “Why do you have to leave me now?” 

“I have to go,” Sarah whispered back.  “I can’t stay here any longer.  If I don’t go back to college they are not going to let me back in with my scholarships.  I’ll be back as much as I can.  And you can come visit as much as you want.” 

“What is it going to be like living here only with dad?  I don’t think he even really likes me very much.  At least, he doesn’t even talk to me.  He’s just going to go straight back to work as soon as you go back to school.”  I turned onto my back and stared at the ceiling. 

“Just come to see me as soon as you can.  I’ll take that air mattress with me and you can spend every weekend with me.”  I felt Sarah turn onto her side and I sighed.   

I was done begging her to stay home and not go back to college.  Our mother had just disappeared a few months before and the police were verging on giving up.  Every time I called for an update, no one had any new information. 

Our dad had given up weeks ago and was going back to work like normal.  Like nothing had happened.  Like our mother hadn’t completely vanished from our lives.  The main problem I was facing was the fact I was afraid everything was all my fault. 


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