Pack Your Bags

“Oh sure, ship me off and make me somebody else’s problem,” I said to my mother.  “I know you never wanted me to come back anyway.” 

“Go ahead and pack your bags.  You have ten minutes and I expect you to be gone.” 
I sighed as I watched her turn on her heels and walk down the long hallway.  I knew she was going back to Steve to tell him everything she thought I had done, but none of it was true.  Now I was on my way back to boarding school and frankly, that was easier for me than living with the two of them. 

I wouldn’t have my own room, but I would have a safe place to sleep.  And classes I could get to without any push back from having to borrow the car.  Acting angry with my mother made it a little easier for me to leave.  If I was happy about leaving, she would have second thoughts.  She would never let me go back to Windhaven if she thought I might enjoy it instead of staying with her and Steve. 

I was jealous about my friends who had parents who wanted to be around them and maybe even liked them.  As I hurried to pack my bags, I had to stop myself from humming.  Humming would be another sign to my mother that I was happy to be leaving.  I knew I would never come back to this house.  Especially if Steve was still here. 


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