Into the Field

“Keep an open mind,” I said pulling Mike toward the wide-open field.  “And keep your eyes shut.” 

I turned to face him to make sure he was following my directions.  He had no idea the surprise I had in store for him.  I squeezed his hand as we got closer to reassure him everything was going to be all right.  Even though I knew that it wasn’t.  At least not for him. 

“Okay, we are almost there.” 

“Where could we possibly be going?”  Mike had a small smile on his face.  If he only knew where I was really taking him, he wouldn’t be smiling and definitely wouldn’t still have his eyes shut. 

He didn’t know I was unhappy and didn’t know I knew about how he really treated me when I wasn’t around.  I had known for weeks that he had been spreading rumors and lies about me.  Especially to the rest of the basketball team.  I am sure the rumors only started because I wouldn’t sleep with him.  He didn’t know I never was interested and was only using him to get what I wanted. 

I knew from several of his teammates that he had been around the block a few times and more than likely had more than one STD.  He just didn’t know I was going to leave him the field alone.  Alone with all the girls he had passed diseases onto.  It was the only reason I started dating him in the first place. 


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