“It helps if they think you’re crazy.”  The girl sitting next to me leaned across the aisle and plunked a pen down on my desk.  I was new to the school and of course, couldn’t find a pen.  She had black hair that had recently been dyed and was wearing more makeup than I thought possible. 

I had never been the new student before so I was a little nervous about how things were going to go.  I was a little skeptical about the hair and makeup, but as the class went on, she was the only one paying attention and asking serious questions.  I had always been anxious about speaking up in class, but maybe there was something to it.  I just wished I was as confident as she was.   

Was I even brave enough to ask what her name was?  Or if she wanted to get coffee after?  I was desperate for new friends.  Or really, any friend at the moment.  I had been in Baltimore for two weeks and hadn’t really met anyone yet.  Maybe I could ask her to give me some lessons on how to be cool.  Because so far, she was the most down to Earth and cool person I had met so far (but it was only my first week so I was trying to give myself some grace).  As I studied her clothes, makeup and hair, I knew exactly where to buy my new clothes.  And how I could become her twin. 


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