No Idea

“He has no idea of what he is doing here.  You can’t let Zeke stay here when that’s all he is doing here,” I told Madison.  I pulled her arm toward Zeke.  “You have to get him to leave.  Now.” 

“Why would I ask him to leave?  I want him to stay,” Madison slurred as she tried to pull her arm away.  I wouldn’t let go and continued to pull her toward the door.  She had brought her younger brother to the party and we all knew he was only here to get into a fight. 

Zeke was not a fan of Madison’s ex-boyfriend and he was here to confront him.  Phil hadn’t done anything wrong (that I am aware of) other than breaking up with Madison.  I had my doubts though or Madison wouldn’t be so drunk and Zeke wouldn’t be here for a fight.  I had a feeling Madison was feeding Zeke false information so he would start something with Phil. 

“I can’t make him do anything he doesn’t want to do,” she slurred, again pulling her arm away.  “He’s an adult.” 

“My house will be damaged if there is a fight.  Broken.  I can’t afford from your brother to break anything -” I stopped as I heard raised voices coming from the back of my cottage.  

Before I could take a step toward the back room, I knew it was too late.  The windows shattered before I could do anything, but the biggest problem was the blood. 


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