Recycled Garden

“There are items you can use to make your decorations.  Feel free to use whatever you want and let me know if you need any help.”  Jack bowed and backed away from the shed.  I never knew why he felt like he needed to bow as he was leaving, but when I mentioned it before, he only stumbled over his words and flushed so I haven’t brought it up again.  As he left, I took a deep breath and started to look through the various items in the garage and got to work. 

This might be my last chance to make art before Jack found out who I really was.  Before he told me to leave his house and never come back.  I had my truth for so long that at this point, how could someone not know who I am?  Jack doesn’t know I am on the run.  He doesn’t know I was trying to escape from my aunt and uncle.  But if knows the things I have done and the people I have hurt, I have no doubt he will not want me to keep living in his cottage. 

Sometimes I wondered if he already knew what was happening and was waiting for a reward to be filed.  I knew my aunt and uncle would go to great lengths to keep me from spilling their secrets.  When I heard the motorcycle in the driveway, I knew my time was up.  I just wish Jack hadn’t given me up. 


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