On A Boat

“We were taken by boat to an island,” I told the police officer.  “But we were blindfolded so I don’t know which way we went.  Or how long we were gone.” 

I took a deep breath and only hoped he would believe me.  That he would take my word for the fact I was one of the victims in what was supposed to be a practical joke, but everything had gone terribly wrong.  Technically, I was blindfolded and taken to an island by a boat.  But we were only trying to scare Caroline.  It was a dare we started when we were sixteen and one person would draw a name and have to pull an elaborate prank on someone else.  Only one person was allowed in on the prank so that meant that eight of us were left in the dark about who was being pranked and what was going to happen. 

This October, things had gone terribly wrong.  Caroline had been scared and then she was dead.  Hunter had been the prankster this year and something in his planning had gone sideways.  He hadn’t come clean with police so I wasn’t sure I wanted to either.  It was his prank and his responsibility.   

When I finally left the police station, I hadn’t spilled any secrets.  All I knew was that we had gotten away with murder.  How long we were going to get away with it was another question.  The other question was if it really was an accident. 


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