Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories

Just Dance

“All I want to do is dance,” Joan said to me on the way her first – and probably her only – prom.  I knew this was her first party to come to and I wish I was brave enough to tell her what was really going to happen tonight. 

After being homeschooled for so many years, she didn’t really high expectations of what happened at high school dances.  Most of what she thought was going to happen came from Disney movies and didn’t think there would be drinking or drugs associated with prom.  I wondered what her reaction would be when the first guy she danced with had alcohol on his breath. 

I worried but didn’t brood over it.  After all, this was the only prom I was going to attend.  I was looking forward to everything I thought was going to happen.  I knew something was wrong when we pulled up to prom.  There was a big crowd of students awkwardly standing around the front doors.  I sighed and wondered if my senior prom was even going to happen. 

“What is happening?  Is this normal?”  Joan asked. 

As soon as we walked up, I saw what the problem was.  Joan’s mother was standing in front of the doors accompanied by Frankie, the one guy brave enough to ask Joan to prom and the one guy she would say no to every single time.  Before I could say anything to Joan, she stormed up the steps and slugged both of them. 

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