The Water Cooler

“What does this girl do all day?”  I asked Miranda as I poured another cup of coffee. 

“I like how you are asking as we are pouring our third cup of coffee for the day,” she said holding her coffee mug out. 

“It’s the only time we can talk and the only time the managers are not watching the cameras.  But I’m confused as to what she does all day as well.”  Miranda sipped her coffee as she slowly scanned the room. 

The newest addition to the library team had been on board now for about two months and we were still confused as to what she was bringing to the team.  She didn’t seem to have a background in the field, but also didn’t seem to have a zest for new ideas or public service.  Miranda and I had scheduled meetings at the coffee pot three times a week and the other two days we met at the water cooler. 

We didn’t know what Lori was doing here and no matter how much we talked about it, we couldn’t figure it out.  She made no reasonable contribution to the team. 

“Are you sure she’s not sleeping with the boss?”  Miranda asked before finishing off half her mug of coffee. 

“I’m sure she’s not.  Positive, actually.”  The voice came from behind us and we both froze.  “I know because I am.” 

Neither us could explain Pam’s voice.  Because if Pam was sleeping with the boss, was Lori a spy? 


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