A Hobby

“Please come  up with a hobby for my father.  He is driving me crazy.  He comes over all the time and he literally follows me around the house.  All.  Day.  Long.”  There was silence on the line before I heard giggling. 

“I’m not sure what you are laughing about.  This is a serious problem.”  My cousin continued to giggle before she started full out laughing. 

“This is what you moved back home for.  To spend more time with your father.”  Joanna started eating her lunch again as I contemplated my next step.  I knew she wouldn’t be of any help even though she knew what was at stake. 

I had to get him out of the house.  And fast.  If I didn’t, I would explode.  Explode with the secrets I had been keeping for years.  The secrets only Joanna and I knew about.  The secret of the granddaughter he didn’t know about.  The one who was coming to live with me tomorrow.  The daughter who I thought was gone forever the day she met Matt.  He was the reason she had disappeared when she was a few months old and the reason the police never investigated as well as they should.  There was too much money and lives on the line. 

But now Matt was dead and my daughter was coming home.  I didn’t know if I was more afraid of my father’s reaction of finding out who she really was or if a murderer was moving in.   


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