Hiding in the Chapel

“They are in the chapel,” I told my uncle.  My two cousins were hiding from him and under no circumstance did he really need to know where they were.  Jason and Tara were in the church, but they were hiding in the music room.  

They had been out at a party the night before and were trying to escape the severe consequences my uncle had in mind for them.  For whatever reason, my uncle does not believe in parties, but does believe in consequences.  I often wonder if he has ever had any fun in his life because these days, he doesn’t seem to have any fun at all. Had something happened in his past been traumatizing as a result of him getting out of his comfort zone?  I had had nothing to do with getting my cousins to or from the party, but I did feel like I needed to help them get out of some of the problems coming their way. 

My father had some of the same ideas on parenting and discipline that my uncle did and I knew how out of control my father could get.  I tried to stall my uncle long enough so Jason and Tara could come up with some kind of a plan.  A plan they needed to execute in the next thirty seconds or everything we had worked so hard for would go up in smoke.  The police couldn’t suspect us of anything that was about to happen. 


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