From the Stars

“You will watch over us from the stars,” I said staring at the stars from the backyard.  I could still hear my sister and her boyfriend fighting.  It was like the wanted the entire neighborhood to hear them fighting since they only left the windows open when they were fighting.  Maybe it was an unconscious thing they had since they literally fought every time the windows were open. 

The obvious stressor was the fact our grandmother had died just two weeks earlier.  Allison had come home for the funeral and so far hadn’t left.  I think she was hoping Grandma had left the house to her, but I had my suspicions.  Allison never came home except for a holiday every once in a while and only called when she needed money.  I was the one who had stayed at the local community college so I could stay with grandma and help in every way I could. 

We were meeting with the lawyer in the morning and I think everything or at least most of our grandma’s possessions would be left to me.  I halfway was tempted to see the house and buy an RV like I had always dreamed of.  I just didn’t know what Allison was going to do.  She was never good with money.  Or boyfriends.  I’m not entirely sure she could be my responsibility anymore.   

The only thing I wasn’t expecting that my grandma had already sold the house.  And left us nothing. 


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