“Possessions matter little,” I tried to tell myself as I watched my house go up in flames.  I knew I shouldn’t care about the material items I was losing right before my eyes, but my home.  Where would I sleep tonight and what would I wear to work tomorrow?  Would I even go to work tomorrow? 

Was this finally my chance to move on?  No doubt I would get some amount of insurance money from the fact my house was burning right in front of my eyes, but how much would I get?  I wasn’t a huge fan of my job anyway, so could I spend my money on buying a RV and travelling with my blog?  Could I actually turn my blog into something real?  I began to shutter as I processed what would come next. 

All I wanted to do was paint, write and travel.  As I watched my house burn, I felt the tears fall, but felt my heart swell.  There were so many possibilities now that those around me did not expect me to stay.  To rebuild.  I finally had found my opportunity to leave.  To disappear.  I started mentally preparing a list of where I could stay short term before I made my escape.  As I had been planning my departure for a while, some items I was already aware of.  I had to keep myself from smiling.  I finally had what I wanted. 

I just hoped my brother hadn’t started the fire. 


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