Body Language

His body language said he had something to hide.  He was trying to hold still, but couldn’t stop fidgeting.  Scott had never been able to sit still so it wasn’t entirely the fact he was hiding something.  

“Scott.  Is there something you want to tell me?  Something you want to talk about?”  I asked putting my book down.  My brother paused, but then continued to pace. 

“No, it’s fine.  Everything is fine.”  I continued to fold clothes as Scott continued to pace.  I kept one eye on Scott continued to pace.  I kept one eye on Scott and hoped he would just come out with it.  His pacing continued but spread to the hallway. 

Ever since our parents divorced, Scott’s tenuous hold on his impatience and anger became apparent to everyone he came into contact with.  I was afraid he was going to lose it and end up hurting someone or himself.  The chance he would end up in jail had crossed my mind more than once.  It was not the first time that I had questioned the idea that there were parts of his life I didn’t know about.  Events I couldn’t control. 

I sighed as I opened my computer and got to work.  All I needed to do was get into his phone and send a few well-timed texts.  That will bring him under control.  My breaking in had helped spur on my parents’ divorce.  I just wasn’t expecting to find out my parents were back together. 


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