Thoughts and Prayers

“I really hate it when people say I’m in their thoughts and prayers,” I mumbled as I fluffed the pillow under my head. 

“They are just trying to be nice because they don’t know what to say.”  Michael flipped on his side to look at me. 

“I wish they would do something other than think and pray.  Why can’t they call and see how we are doing?  Invite us over for dinner.  Or out to coffee.  What’s so scary about us now?  I haven’t done anything wrong and I feel like they should know that.” 

“You’re accused of making your husband disappear.”  Michael stifled a yawn, but I knew he wasn’t tired.  There is no way he could be since he got twice as much sleep as I did in the last week.  People were suspicious since my husband disappeared, but I knew in my heart I didn’t do anything wrong. 

Judging from the rumors going around town, I knew most people thought I was guilty.  Especially since Michael had been staying over since Henry went missing.  Henry and I had been on the outs for a while, mainly because of the affairs.  The affairs the entire town knew about, but no one had thought to tell me.  The fact Henry had gone missing two nights after I confronted him was enough to put the nails in my own coffin.   

Michael moved in three days later and I didn’t find out soon enough he was the reason Henry was dead. 


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