I knew I could influence Doug and lead him exactly where I needed him to go.  And it was imperative this time he followed my every instruction.  Without Doug, nothing would matter as the pieces of my plan would not fall perfectly into place.  I meant for this relationship to get me out of the financial crisis I was in, nothing more.  I felt terrible for using him, but I needed his wallet for my next stage in life.  He wasn’t exactly a terrible guy because don’t we all have a few faults?   

Doug was a sucker for big smiles and low-cut shirts.  Luckily, I had enough confidence and knew enough about his weaknesses that I could pull it off.  The longer I strung him along, I only felt like I was digging myself into a hole, but the bills weren’t going to go away on their own.  I kept telling myself it wasn’t too much money and he wouldn’t be seeing me on a regular basis if he was worried. 

Tonight’s dinner was going to be the last night I planned to meet with Doug.  I was worried his wife was getting suspicious and I had no intentions of meeting her or having any contact.  As I settled into my seat at the table, I practiced how I would break it off with him at the end of dinner.   

I just wasn’t expecting him to show to dinner up with his wife.  His wife who looked exactly like me. 


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