“We’re here to find out what is possible.  What you have and what we can learn.”  I watched the woman primly cross her arms on top of my desk.  I knew she was going to give me a run for my money this afternoon.  I knew her type, she would want a significant of information  and would want me to find it for her.  I had a lot of practice in letting patrons know I could help, but was not here to do all the research.  Some were all right with idea of being set up at the computer while others raised holy hell in order not to do any work themselves. 

I took a deep breath thinking of what to say because I knew what would come out of my mouth would not be nice.  I knew the woman across from me had had several reports written on her for demanding the other librarians do everything for her no matter how much time or effort it took.  The fact there were other customers and other work for us to do was inconsequential to her.  Until her appearance at the desk, I had been counting down the minutes to the beginning of my vacation.  A vacation that was long overdue.  I took a deep breath as she began to tap her toes.  Before she could say another word, I glanced at the clock on my wall, reached forward, shut down my computer and turned off the lights to the library.   


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