Plus One

“Eliminate the impossible and see what you can do.  Eliminate the impossible and see where you end up.”  I stared at the front of the art gallery and started pumping myself up to go inside.  I knew I had a good chance of getting my work shown, I was just pumping myself up for the initial contact. 

After I had shown my art at the local art fair , I was approached by the owner of Plus One art gallery about displaying my art in their gallery.  I kept reminding myself that the gallery owner wanted me as well as my work, and I could go nowhere but up from here.  Maybe my life was finally going to take a turn for the better.  I took one final deep breath and opened my car door. 

I straightened my back as I opened the front door of the gallery.  My heart stopped as I viewed my art already hanging on the wall.  As I looked closer, I realized it wasn’t really my art, but almost an exact replica.  I knew I had been cheated and I knew exactly who it was.  I When I was finally able to track down the owner of Plus One, I explained the art currently being exhibited was not my own, but instead a very close replica.  

“There must be some mistake.  Carla Thompson came by this morning and approved everything we have hanging up.  Here she is now.” 

My roommate walked in the door, smirking. 


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