At Ease

“I hope you can feel at ease while you are here.”  The hotel manager unlocked the door to our room and handed me the key before backing away.  As I entered the room, I could feel the daggers from her eyes pierce the back of my head.  I was expecting the daggers based solely on who I was here with.  

I knew there was something about Ron I should stay away from, but with him, shit got done.  If my life was ever going to get out of the dumps I was currently in, I needed someone like Ron to help me.  He didn’t back down and always managed to get everyone around him to do exactly what he wanted.   

But I don’t know what Ron did to get things done, but I was hoping to find out today.  He told me we were going to meet up with several of his ‘associates’ though I had to work hard to make sure they were not coming to our hotel room.  No way would I allow myself to be locked in a room with Ron and several of his friends.  I had finally convinced Ron to hold the meeting in the hotel bar as it would look less suspicious than several men filing into our room in the middle of the afternoon.  I knew Ron was a mistake as soon as my ex-husband walked into the bar with the rest of Ron’s ‘associates’.  My ex-husband: a long-standing undercover police officer. 


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