Saving a Life

“She has let you go.  Time to move on and let her go as well.”  Christian turned on the blinker on and I was worried his bucket of rust – Mabel – wasn’t going to make it home.  I closed my eyes and prayed we would make it safely while I half listened to the two brothers bicker about Garret’s ex-girlfriend, Amy. 

Personally, I never understood why anyone would ever want to date Garret in the first place, but I have learned to keep my mouth shut.  When Garret thinks someone has wronged him, he will stop at nothing to right the wrong.  I honestly had debated whether I should start a relationship with Christian solely on what I knew about Garret.  His personality is toxic, but still magnetic enough to draw people into his life and his circle. 

I tried to study him from afar because in some ways I wanted to have the same kind of energy that would draw people to me and into my life.  But in a positive way, not in the harmful way Garret does.  I wanted to have a positive life whereas Garret somehow managed to wreck the lives of those around him. 

When Christian and I started dating, I only saw Garret a handful of times as Christian kept him at an arm’s length.  Seeing Garret was becoming more common as Christian saw the danger everyone else saw.  I think Christian is trying to save Amy’s life and those of any future women. 


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