Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories

Not the Same

Jamie was not the same after that night.  I was hoping he would bounce back, but there was no such luck.  After the incident with Mike, I had tried to rush to Jamie’s side to help him cope, only to find that he had already heard the news.  His father was his best friend, his protector and the man who represented everything good in his life.  But now his father was gone.  In jail to be precise.  From his attitude, Jamie didn’t think his father would be getting out any time soon. 

Jamie has not told me about what his father had done to wind up in jail and everything I have heard has only come in bits and pieces and none of it has been the same.  Jamie won’t tell me so my only plan was to start digging without him knowing.  Jamie has completely refused to talk about it.  I could tell from his strained features and tense shoulders, he wasn’t going to be talking about it any day soon. 

I started my search at the public library so I could dig through the newspaper databases.  With a little help from the librarians, I was able to find more information than I ever could have imagined.  Nothing I found surprised me more than the last bit of information the librarian found.  Jamie’s father was an accused murderer and had been on the run.  For twenty-three years.  He was the reason why Jamie had never met his mother.   

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